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    Clan Talk - Rules

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    Clan Talk - Rules Empty Clan Talk - Rules

    Post  Caspa Tue May 31, 2011 5:40 pm

    1.4 When posting a new topic; please do not name the topic title as something similar to "HELP ME" - Instead, a better topic would be "Help me with Modding My Gamertag" - It looks better, and more people will respond to it that way.

    1.5 Signatures must not contain anything illegal, explicit, contain nudity, or contain porn. The same rule applies for avatars and banners.

    1.6 Do not create a new thread on a topic that is currently already in discussion. Regardless of if you "feel" you deserve to have your own thread, the existing thread should be used unless an Admin or Mod instructs otherwise.

    1.7 The GREfant website's Staff reserve the right to lock and/or delete any posts or threads which they deem irrelevant or frivolous at their own discretion.

    1.8 Please use the SEARCH feature of the forums before posting threads that address errors, problems, questions, and almost ANYTHING. Chances are someone has already asked the same question and received an answer. Please search before starting a new thread.

    1.9 Impersonating Staff members is not allowed and you will be perma-banned from the site immediately. This includes telling others you are staff or having staff badges as your avatar/signature.

    1.10 Do not ask for/sell/trade reputation. Do not ask/beg for reputation for any reason. Doing so will result in a warning and possibly a few day ban. Griping about reputation will not be tolerated, and will result in a warning/ban as well.

    1.11 Do NOT ask for YouTube subscriptions, there is a Sub-for-Sub topic in Youtube Famous, or just click here

    1.12 Do not ask for the "Gift of Gold" or rant when you don't get it over someone else, doing so will result in a temporary posting ban.

    1.13 Any type of Account Sales/Trades/Giveaways are prohibited on GREfant. (e.g. Youtube/Runescape/Xbox ect...)

    1.14 Posting of Private Messages will not be tolerated. It violates the rights of the user in question. Private messages are to remain just that, private. This rule applies board-wide unless stated otherwise by a staff member.

    1.15 Profile View Boosting - When you knowingly have your total visitors to your profile boosted. If you are caught on either side of the rule you may face a warning/suspension.

    1.16 Malicious Content - Knowingly posting a link to malicious content (viruses) will result in an instant IP ban.


    2.1 We do not tolerate spam. In short, do not post small or useless posts that are not relevant to the topic being discussed.

    2.2 Do not PM a moderator or admin numerous times saying the same thing to try and speed up an answer/problem. We receive the PM's you get. There is no need to keep sending it.

    2.3 Forum sigs are to be used respectfully, GREfant already has to display ads to cover the running costs, so don't annoy our members by making your sig into your personal ad revenue opportunity. (ie: advertising and/or reference/affiliate codes in your sig is prohibited).

    2.4 Advertising on The Tech Game is strictly prohibited.

    2.5 The Tech Game is a tech forum, not a social networking site. We do not care if you're having relationship issues or if your dog Scruffy died. As such, have enough respect to not post it, as it wastes all of our time. Any threads deemed frivolous by the moderation/administration teams will be deleted without prior notice. The poster of the topic may be suspended at the staff members' discretion.

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    Clan Talk - Rules Empty Re: Clan Talk - Rules

    Post  Shotz Tue May 31, 2011 6:47 pm

    Thanks for this!
    Very nice rules!

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    Clan Talk - Rules Empty Re: Clan Talk - Rules

    Post  Volcano Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:14 pm

    thanks some good rules there

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