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    Volcanos W@W help


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    Volcanos W@W help

    Post  Volcano on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:09 pm

    hello Grefant
    heres the patches i am GIVING away

    AoK Mikey & HD Kenny's V1.0
    megaupload.com 78FM1JIL

    CoOlBunnYMoDz and iHax_XeX V4.02
    mediafire.com ?c090i0vqb0eaa8c

    V3.9A Beta
    megaupload.com IF38K3DH

    megaupload.com HV6D1XX9

    TTGXMODSX V3.8 Mod Pack

    *Mod menu is now on left hand side
    *Mod menu has ibetrey's original menu with colours
    *Works on the maps
    *Only on person in menu or black box will disappear until only one person in menu
    *Also has a suprise of 1 Gamertag check which you put replace the gamertag to your gamertag. Otherwise when turn mods are turned on the game will end
    *All previous features listed below.

    Link megaupload.com J7QZ26WN

    CoOlBunnYMoDz and TTGXMODSX Present V3.7

    *Mod menu is now on left hand side
    *Mod menu has ibetrey's original menu with colours
    *Does not work on the first map and first dlc i'm affraid
    *Please not this modpack will only work correctly told by testers that no more than 2 people in lobby otherwise menu's will start to disappear

    Credits for file:
    Original Code- coolbunny1234
    New edit, no bugs, completely recoded fix- TTGXMODSX

    Download Link:

    megaupload.com E7GAP685

    CoOlBunnYMoDz V3.5


    megaupload.com CMQN4D2B

    Major Fixes Include
    -Less Lag-A
    -Menu Doesnt Disappear-
    -No More Syntax Error-
    -Smaller .gsc's-

    Zombies One In The Chamber
    pretty awsome, not made by me, fixed and edited by me.

    megaupload.com KR39O90R

    Zombies One In The Chamber Features

    -Just Like Black Ops Gametype
    -Start off with one bullet
    -Kill a zombie, gain a bullet.
    -Miss a shot, you have only your knife.
    -Every Bullet is Insta Kill Modded, so it wont be ridiculously hard to do.

    CoOlBunnYMoDz V2.5

    Everyone has mod menu
    Toggable Forge Mode
    Toggable Prestige Lobby Mode
    Toggable Strategy Mode
    Toggable MW2 Zombie Lobby
    Toggable Gun Game from MW2
    40+ Visions
    -fire teleporter
    -beams models
    -power ups
    -big explosions
    -nukes ect..

    Localized Text

    Working MW2 Zombie Mod (Figured out how to Kill Other Players not being host)

    MW2 Zombie Mod
    -Start off as human or zombie
    -Humans must survive as long as they can
    -zombies obviously must kill the humans
    -Humans have mod menu and points system to buy guns/upgrades
    -zombies have mod menu to buy bowie knife, health, speed, jump height
    -need more suggestions

    MW2 Gun Game Mod
    -Start off with pistol
    -Kill certain amount of zombies to earn more guns
    -if you die, you will have your guns set at the begining
    -zombies will be made alot harder than normal for a challenge

    Strategy Lobby

    Dark Fog
    Darkened Sun Dvars
    Zombies Faster
    No HUD For a Real Look
    Buy Guns Out Of Custom Made Models Around The Map
    Zombies have scarier appearence
    Zombies Have Higher Health
    Start with different guns

    And also the basics...

    -Pick Up, Move Any Object, On Map-
    -Shoot Nuke Bullets-
    -7+ Visions-
    -Spawn Models/Objects-
    -Teleport To Crosshairs-
    -Spawn Models to Crosshairs
    -Pick Prestige-
    -More Visions-
    -Toggle Aimbot-
    -Toggle Pro-Mod-
    -Models Include--
    -Mystery Box-
    -Vending Machines-
    -Teddy Bear-

    CoOlBunnYMoDz ForGe V2.0 Link

    megaupload.com S6355Q6C

    megaupload.com SCDS6EEF V2.4, small bug fixes

    CoOlBunnYMoDz & TTGXMODsX ForGe V1.7 and V1.8

    Our link for my files are below, it has two different sets of iles the ones which i was able to test before i run out of disks which had everything in your patch working but only car model.

    My untested version includes everything above plus all models with different button layout. Not sure if models to buttons are correct will test it when new disks arrive between tuesday and friday.

    mediafire.com ?e2hdfzctce2czzi

    CoOlBunnYMoDz ForGe V1.6 Link
    megaupload.com RI35117G

    CoOlBunnYMoDz ForGe V1.6 Features

    CoOlBunnyMoDz ForGe Patches
    CoOlBunnYMoDz V1.1 Link
    megaupload.com CWVMNTCS

    CoOlBunnYMoDz ForGe V1.0
    megaupload.com P3O0A5XG

    yes there some of my patches i have
    i also own

    theres all of my patches! not releasing other patches

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